- Package Types and Pricing

parceln2 1  parceln1 1
Normal Sized Items
This includes documents and small items.
All items up to 15kgs or 0.05m3 (up to a box measuring 300mmx500mm x500mm approx.)
This is x1 charge e.g. $6.64 (2 hr sprint)
parcell1 1  parcell2 1
Large Items
Based on x2 charges of the service type required
All items heavier than 15kgs but under 24kgs or 0.125m3 
(up to a box measuring 600mm x600mmx700mm approx.)
This is x2 charge e.g. $13.28 (2 hr sprint)
parcelel1 1  parcelel2 1
Very Large Items
Items which are heavier than 24kgs but lighter than 30kgs or bigger than 0.125m2 but not bigger than 0.450m2
(up to a box measuring 700mm x800mmx800mm approx).
E.g. Car doors, bumpers, windscreens, bonnets, boot lids should fall into this category.
This is x3 charge e.g $19.92 (2 hr sprint)
Due to Health & Safety requirements any items over 24 kgs must have a 2-person lift. 
Please ensure that there is somebody to help our staff at both ends when required.
If you are unsure of any pricing on the system please feel free to ring us on 0800 43 88 43 and describe the item you intend to send, we can give you an indication over the phone on what price to allow for the item.
Our dispatchers, may amend your package types/charges, especially on Freight Forward items coming from a supplier back to you, as some of these charges are out-sourced to our agents and pricing is subject to items being transported.