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Dispatch System 

For all regular clients we offer you your own personalised Order  & Tracking Panel, you are able to book your own jobs online, give special instructions to the driver, check the price, choose the service, track the driver in ‘real time’, obtain instant “Proof of Delivery” , look up your Order History, auto fill addresses, print waybills with barcodes, and much more.

All you require is an internet connection and a computer you can even book jobs via your smart phone, by downloading our android or i-phone application.

Click here for the Digital Waybill User Guide

Go to the Order Panel Page on the website, we offer two types of panels, web based and the Quick Entry (recommended).

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Web Based Panel -

The Web based version is to be used for all ”Mac” based computers and clients with very restricted server access, to access the web based version you need to bookmark the “Order Panel” page and enter your customer number and password to access your Order Panel, (it can be minimise when not in use).

The web based version does not offer real time tracking and does not save a desktop icon to your computer as the Quick Entry panel does. You can track the progress of deliveries using the "Order History" and book pickups & deliveries and freight forward orders. 

customerorder 1 1

Quick Entry Panel -

The Quick Entry Panel is the blue panel shown here, it offers you the ability to book jobs picking up from your company, from another company back to you or from your supplier to your customer (freight forward or Thrid Party)

The panel is very easy to use and after you have entered your customers details into the system it remembers those details for next time, once your order has been placed you are able to print off a waybill/consignment note to attach to the order, in the Order History section of your software you are able to get pickup delivery details from any job you have placed with us anytime you wish.
The Quick Entry Panel will install an icon onto your desktop, you are able to install this Order panel onto as many computers as you wish, your accounts dept. may find the 'order history' section very useful when on-charging freight costs, by getting pricing and POD (proof of delivery)  instantly. We use TCP Port 8818 for all communications between the client and the order panel, so you may need to open your firewall.

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Real Time GPS Tracking

With the Quick Entry panel you have the ability to track the driver with your parcel. In the Order History section of your panel you will notice a "Real Time GPS" icon at the top left hand side of the page. Once your item has been "Picked Up"  this icon will light up to white where you can click onto it and a google map will open showing the driver number with your parcel, this feature will finish once the driver "delivers" your item. In which you can be sent an automated POD with delivery information.