Q & A


Do I need an account to arrange a delivery?

No, we do accept cash sales, (eft-pos and Visa payments available) however if you use us more than 4 times per month you may wish to apply for an account to be opened in your company name.

How do I open an account?

Complete our application form and sent it back.  Once you are set up in the system you will have immediately access to all of our services.

Do you offer all services 7 days per week?

Normal link runs operate from Monday to Friday only.
Point to point sprint available Monday to Friday and half day on Saturday in Hamilton and Tauranga.
A direct drive and air freight service available after hours and on weekends.

How much will my item cost to send?

Because all items are of different weights and sizes, you will need to talk to our customer services staff and they will be able to give you an estimation on costs over the phone.

Are my goods covered by insurance?

Yes, most items are covered up to $500.00, although they need to be packed and packaged adequately for transportation.
See our 'CONDITIONS OF CARRIAGE' as some items are not covered e.g. cash, jewellery, antiques etc.

What is a Fuel Adjustment Factor (FAF)?

Fuel costs are understandable one of the most significant and variable cost components of our business.  The FAF was introduced for the purpose of recovering the increased costs in fuel.

Will I be notified of each FAF increase?

Our website on our homepage will be updated each month.